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Another Cheater Post…

Ok, so life has taken over, sort of. I have been super busy, but I KNOW that if I don’t post something here,VERY soon, my Daughter and Sister In Law (who are the only people who read this…LOL) are going to seriously make fun of me…So I thought I would ramble a bit about what I have been doing, but, um, haven’t taken any real pictures of. I will. really.

Since my kiddo has been home from college she has become an avid (ravenous?) cross stitcher and she has reawakened the bug in me. I have a project I plan to start very soon. Along with that I have joined the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along. Yeah. Well. In my defense I joined late, but let’s just say I just finished block 7 (of 111) and I think the group is on 14 or 16..ish…LOL…And because that wasn’t quite enough (not like I am taking the better part of a week and driving back to school with my daughter, right after “Happy Camp”-we knew it as Hell Week-for my son…and, oh yeah, we are shopping for a vehicle for that very same son.) I joined the 36 Patch Quilt Along over at Crazy Mom Quilts (Amanda Jean does good stuff!).

Thinkin’ if I give up just a few non essentials (like eating, sleeping, cooking, laundry & cleaning) everything should get done on time. Maybe.


An updated list…

Ok, today I am going to totally cheat…We have lots going on this afternoon, and I am not so sure I will make it back here AND be able to think of something creative…Sooo Here is a cheater post (LOL). I will update the list. Sort of. I am NOT posting what has been added to the list only letting you know what hasn’t quite been finished.LOL

4. Liberty Stitch (probably around 50% done, maybe a bit more.LOL)

12. Crochet a Potholder (yes, a simple, little, easy (HAH!) potholder…don’t ask, THIS could
VERY easily be my downfall to accomplishing the list!)
**Yeah, um, well, sometimes it is just best to surrender. This is not gonna happen, in fact I decided this week that I get to pick 2 or 3 of the favorite yarns I have collected (that IS a valid hobby in itself!!) that I will keep and a couple of project/pattern books that I really LOVE…and the rest will be out for distribution between my daughter and my Sister In Law. Just isn’t gonna (easily) be my thing. After all, I craft and sew for fun and relaxation. right?

Have a great day everyone!


A quilt for Brit…

Alrighty…so my daughter is continuing to gently remind me that when one “has” a blog it is somewhat expected that one posts content to that blog…yeah, ok, we can try it THAT way, I guess…

This quilt was gifted last night and I think she liked it! It was made for a young lady who loves the Eiffel Tower, has shown an interest in having some pink and black in her dorm room this year and is at her school partially on a choir scholarship! I am not sure how well all of this will be reflected in the pictures, but I used a tonal hot pink, an Eiffel Tower print and a black on black with a treble clef print. The back and binding are all the black on black print.

My daughter created this pillow to match the quilt. I think she did a fabulous job!

I also made this into a bit of an experimental quilt, trying out a few tips from other blogs I follow (or in some cases, just wandered by?)…

Skook’s Playground linked to a tutorial recently that basically uses fusible products to replace pinning when piecing the top. Worked beautifully for me!

When preparing a binding another gal (sorry. I seriously can’t remember where I saw this) prepares her binding by cutting strips, folding them in half, ironing them and then (this part was new to me) stitching it closed before attaching it to the quilt. It was easy to do, but I honestly didn’t see a benefit to the added step.

Another thing I saw somewhere (going to have to work on keeping track of these things…) was someone who stitches around the entire sandwich before quilting. She said it helped prevent stretching and slipping of the fabric. I would agree!

Ok, seriously, for someone who doesn’t really blog, um, well, LOL, this got kind of long…



Hello world!

Once upon a time I started a blog…LOL!!! MY sweet daughter was kind enough to import that blog to this one…Enough people have started “asking” that I am going to try again. Let’s hope this one works out better!!!
I actually have a quilt in the wash that I will take pictures of later and post about!
Thanks for stopping by!!


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