FOF #9-3/1/2013 (SAL excuse too!)

Well, I kind of forgot to post! Probably because there wasn’t much to show. Since the idea behind this is to have 52 finishes in 2013, I will be working hard today to come up with two for this Friday. Life just got in the way :-)

I also failed to update my SAL progress. I will be back to that on Wednesday!


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Posted on March 3, 2013, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Yea, I thought about you last night and how there was no Friday night thingy! lol

  2. well, shoot, that darn “life”……has a way of doing that sometimes……you have been keeping up with your finishes and you can have a break once in a while………:)

  3. The fact that people need to eat and wear clean clothes really stands in the way of my crafting too.

  4. 52 finishes in 2013? What’s this FOF challenge that I haven’t heard about yet?

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