SoCal Stitchers 2013 SAL, 3/7/2013

So, really, for me….This SAL is supposed to keep me motivated and keep me stitching. Right? I am going to post the up date for Halloween Rules and the other piece I am working on :-) and then I am putting Rules away for a while. I just don’t feel like stitching it right now. I want to do the other projects I am thinking about while I try to make myself stitch one more row on Rules. I still plan to hold myself “accountable” weekly (mostly, LOL).

Here is where I got to before I put it away:


Now, for what I have been working on (and finished, LOL!)…
I found this pattern for free at


Please note two things…#1- I also saw the pattern at two different site for sale. It is my understanding that the designer (Pelin Tezer) at one time sold the pattern, but has since made it available as a free download.

#2-Pretty important, there is an error in the pattern. A very small one, but it is there!

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was to stitch this! I absolutely LOVED it!

My current plan (HA!) is to return tomorrow for FOF with this piece in it’s finished form. I have my fingers crossed!!

Here are a couple of close ups, just because I can :-)



This was just so fun. I seriously can’t believe how easy the flow was for this piece!


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  1. Argh!…what do you mean you’re putting Halloween Rules away!!! You can’t do that to me!!! LOL Beautiful stitching, Rachel! I’m glad you showed closeups…I would not have seen the charms you put on it. That is very cool!

  2. I’m still blown away by how fast (it seemed) the sampler came to fruition. I love how well it came out and now you know, I’m eager to do a sampler myself. Yay!

  3. Gorgeous work Rachel! That is a wonderful finish

  4. Both pieces are really great. I don’t remember the last time I did any counted cross stitch, probably before I got into quilting. LOL

  5. Hi, My friend……..I think the SAL’s are great for keeping us on task but I believe that having fun and enjoying the sewing is the first thing of importance….if we aren’t enjoying what we are doing then we need to do something else…..your joy for doing the Halloween rules will come back…….and the shamrock cross stitch is just beautiful!

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