FOF -3/8/2013

Yipeeee! I finished my Irish Sampler and I am super happy about it!

I learned a few thing attaching the sampler to the quilt in this way. Wash the quilt first. Add the sampler after. The quilt will shrink. The sampler won’t. Just saying. Fortunately no damage was done. I still love it. I just know for next time :-)

So, here she is (the pictures were taken at night, so they aren’t that great, LOL)…



I just free motion quilted, on my regular sewing machine, very loosely around the shamrocks in the batik fabric I used…


I did use a double layer of batting as I wanted a fairly full look to this!

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. What a fantastic FOF! I’m so glad you found a way to pair two items you love so much. Thanks for sharing your lesson too. :-)

  2. Rachel, that batik is such a great fabric to showcase your stitching! Love all those shades of green. The fringed edge is a nice little detail touch as a border around the stitch work. Now to sit back and enjoy your piece!

  3. I’m glad you love it so much! A lot of work went into it!
    xoxo Kim

  4. Well now you are all set for St. Patrick’s Day! Love your FMQ and the Batik fabric is perfect for that gorgeous cross stitch!

  5. This may seem a little strange, but I wanted you to know that I read your comment on “Cut to Pieces: Judged” and was struck, in a good way, by what you said. Thanks so much for sharing your insights. I love that you could tell who the quilter was by the look on her face. =)
    Somehow I feel better about the world after reading your words.

  6. Hi Barbie!
    Thank you!

  7. Your finishing looks fantastic, Rachel!

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