FOF -3/15/2013

Definitely bending the rules today. Y’all are shocked, right?

These 6 little eggs are pieces from another free pattern that I found (hopefully I will refind it to add a link the next time I show this project).

EDIT: Here is the link

The plan is to do the large design and surround it with these smaller ones on a quilt. So, I am breaking the “finishes” up into segments, because there is NO way I could complete the entire thing in a week!

So, we have the first part, finished!

6 little eggs…


Those of you who know me know that I am easily distracted. Scary easy. So, I was having fun stitching eggs…and thought about this other rather rustic project I really wanted to do…on a fabric I found that is not designed for cross stitch…and soon I found myself starting another project…here is what I have since starting at around 9:00 this morning…I am smitten. I am also deliberately not showing what the finish will look like :-) Hopefully I will have it done soon!


Phew, I made it on Friday this week (everyone clapping?).


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  1. talk about nimble fingers! they are flying this week.

  2. Congrats on all your finishes – those eggs are adorable :) In re: to the second project, methinks some sheep are involved…*lol*


  3. Girl, you got some craft commitment issues. At least you are finishign stuff! I guess I better get back to that MWS sampler! Egads!
    xoxo Kim

  4. OH, such pretty pretty eggs! And you think your “distraction problem” is different from the rest of us HOW? LOL Oh, the Woolery looks fascinating…

  5. Love your stitching Rachel! :)

  6. The eggs are so pretty! You could have saved them up and showed a different one every day! Happy Easter!

  7. Such darling little eggs!

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