SoCal Stitchers 2013 SAL, 3/20/2013

For the record, I have changed my SAL “rules” to whatever I am stitching…lol, instead of a large ongoing project. It keeps me stitching and that’s the point :-)

OK, so on Friday I started this piece and I simply couldn’t stop. I love it!
It was stitched on Prairie Cloth (made by Moda) which seems to be 26 count. I have seen it described like this, ” It’s a wonderful, slightly coarse cloth that looks like linen and runs about half the price. It is 100% cotton and comes in many colors.” I would add that it has a fuller body to the fabric than linen and is softer to work with. I have never stitched on linen or evenweave, so trying this was totally out of my box. SO glad I stepped out! It was a fun stitch, I love the results and I love the fabric!

This piece is  Ye Olde Woolery Shoppe and it designed by Plum Street Samplers



I did change a few things, almost all of the colors used were a change. I left the little bell hanging from the sheep’s neck off  (I just see that and think cow, not sheep, LOL) and I added the “ED” to “establish”.



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  1. Absolutely adorable! Where did you find the Moda prairie cloth? It looks interesting and worth trying.

  2. What an adorable sheep! I agree about the bell. It would look like a funny cow instead. Thanks for the description of the Prairie Cloth.

  3. Love it Rachel! Congrats on the finish! So what’s up next? I can’t wait to see! :)

  4. It turned out great! I love the colors you worked it in. I love stitching over 2 threads on those high count cloths. The stitching looks so rich on them.

  5. I agree that the point is to keep stitching and you are doing that! What a lovely job you did.

  6. Looks great!!!!
    xoxo Kim

  7. I love this “sign,” Rachel! Are you going to frame it? It would look cute mounte to a carved wooden backing.

  8. I can’t believe I didn’t have you bring this up so I could see it in person. I can’t wait to see it framed however you choose to do it.

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