To Bead or not to Bead…

I won’t even bother to apologize. I was gone. A long time. LOL. I am back.

So, I love beading. I admire many of the Mill Hill beading kits. The problem is I really (REALLY!) detest Plastic canvas. Most (maybe all?) of the Mill Hill kits call for or come with plastic canvas.

So, one day a light bulb went off…and I thought, “Why not?”

I had an old pre-made 14 count aida bookmark. Why not try to translate the bead pattern onto the aida?

Well, I have to say for a first attempt at a fully beaded project I am pretty pleased with it!

IMG_1392I see more beading projects in my near future!


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  1. Well All Right then! You are back and you are so clever to transpose your pattern like that! Well done, my friend and welcome back!

  2. As soon as you detested plastic canvas (as I also do), I thought of Aida cloth or other linen. So very clever you! What an adorable design!

  3. Great idea and it turned out great. I’m glad to see that you are back.

  4. Isn’t it great that you had that thought? Nothing stops you, I tell ya! You constantly amaze me.

  5. Hippity Hoppity!
    xoxo Kim

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