The wayward pattern…

I was cruising the internet one day looking at various cross stitch patterns….

My husband walked in and watched me go through a few…
I came across Autumn Bliss by Bent Creek (retail site, Bent Creek has a horrible web site) and he said, “That one is cool”
I was stunned. Literally. He appreciates my work but rarely (possibly never before this?) comments on the patterns.
Of course I had to track the pattern down.
It arrived shortly before our trip to Indiana in June. I quickly kitted it up as (one of the 7,. Yes, I am obsessive.) projects that went with us.

When we were on our trip I finished the birthday present (more on that soon) I was working on and started Autumn Bliss…

I did the barn portion first. When I was done I briefly showed it to my husband…he loved how it looked and said, “Are you going to put chickens next to it?”

Well, um, no, I kind of planned to put trees from the pattern there and the pumpkins under it”

Husband, “Oh, I thought it was going to have chickens.” (insert sad 5 year old face)

LOL, well, apparently it was time to find some chickens.

I had another Bent Creek pattern hanging around called The Coop (again, retail site). Looked like it might work…

So here you have my Autumn Bliss Coop. Yeah, original name, I know.

IMG_1393All things considered I think it went well…


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  1. It is so adorable! What a good collaberation and job done well!


    How absolutely adorable, Rachel! I raise chickens, so I LOVE this pattern. I’m afraid I have to agree with your husband on this one. You did a great job!
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  3. Cute! I like the chickens and coop better than the tree and pumpkins! I can just imagine Dad’s pouty face over cross stitch lol!
    xoxo Kim

  4. Good grief girl! You put that together like it was no problem at all! Fabulous! I would have ended up with amazon chickens and a toy sized barn. LOL

  5. Wow! Jerry gets a gold star for chiming in on this one. I liked it as it was but like it even more as a farm piece. It’s going to be stunning when it’s all framed up. Will you add seed beads to make chicken feed? ;)

  6. Very cute but I liked the parts about his comments the best.

  7. Hubby has a great eye for design, love the chickens!

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